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My Body Is Freaking Out & So Am I


It feels like October here in London. The sky is grey, the rain is pouring down, and I’m spending most of my time curled up in bed alternating between a massive jumper and my duvet over me and having the fan on full blast. No matter what I do, “winter” weather like this makes my […]

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4 Things Men With Chronic Illness Want You To Know


…I can tell what you’re thinking. “Natasha, you’re not a man, how can you tell us this?” Well, my friends, let me explain to you. One thing I noticed pretty quickly after becoming involved in health and chronic illness blogging was the rather obvious lack of men writing and sharing their experiences. Now, I’m no psychologist, […]

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Staying Positive With Chronic Illness


Wow. Ok. This is quite a topic. With the constant ups, downs and curve balls that our bodies can throw at us, finding ways to stay positive and get on with life as best as we can is one of the most important things someone with a chronic illness can do. When and how you’re […]

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Desperation, “Miracle Cures” & Hope in Chronic Illness


I have been reading an increasing number of articles recently about the role of alternative medicine in the treatment of cancer. The conversation seems to have exploded in the wake of the tragic death of “Wellness Warrior” Jess Ainscough and the outing of supposed cancer survivor Belle Gibson. On both sides, the arguments are passionate: […]

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