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The Rest Room is a podcast about living well with chronic illness

Working with experts, I'll bring you evidence-based guides on a whole host of topics like pacing, exercise, and how to manage hobbies whilst navigating chronic illness.

I'll also be talking to people who are doing awesome things whilst living with chronic illness, as well as digging deep into the businesses and brands that are focussed on changing the accessibility game.

Think fashion, theatre, film, work, and play - there's a whole lot coming up to explore.

So why don't you get cozy, make yourself a cup of tea, and join me in The Rest Room?

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If you’d like to get in touch, please send me a message via the contact form below.

I am always open to hearing about amazing new things in the chronic illness and disability space.

If you'd love to work together, are looking for a writer, podcast guest, or any interesting creative projects, please do say hello!

I receive a large number of emails and I try really hard to respond to everyone as soon as I can, but it may take a while.

Please do be aware that I’m unable to offer medical advice or support, as I am not qualified to do so!

Selected portfolio & media

Here you’ll find my selected writing portfolio.

In my day job, I’m a journalist for the BBC, sitting (remotely) on the "writers' desk".

I'm also a freelance writer and speaker, specialising in living with chronic illness.


BBC News: Christian Picciolini: The neo-Nazi who became an anti-Nazi

BBC News: Long Covid ‘My fatigue was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before’

BBC Ouch Podcast: It is possible to be tired and in pain and happy at the same time

BBC World Service: The dying teenage who wanted world peace (and love)

BBC World Service: ‘The love letter to my neighbourhood that helped me flee my country’

BBC Ouch: The Cabin Fever Podcast

BBC World Service: How Hollywood movies saved a gay Russian teenager.

BBC Ouch: The disabled teenagers whose identity crisis led them to a modelling career

BBC Ouch Podcast: ‘Getting a fashion fix as a disabled model’

BBC World Service: ‘My husband squeezed my hand to say he wanted to live, then I found a way to save him’ (4th most viewed BBC World Service longread of 2019)

BBC Stories: Emotional abuse: ‘My fiance seemed perfect – but he tried to control me’

BBC Stories: The Down’s syndrome troupe stirring up the drag scene

BBC The Why Factor: Why Have Women Taken To Wellness (Consultant)

BBC Stories: ‘Why my daughter wants a hysterectomy at 15’

BBC Stories: ‘My periods made me suicidal so I had a hysterectomy at 28’

BBC Ouch Podcast: “It’s like PMS but a hundred times worse”

BBC World Service: This Food Will Save Your Life*

BBC Stories: How saving a writer’s life helped my dialysis app go global

BBC Stories: I made a film from my bed to show my illness is real

BBC Ouch Podcast: ME – The Movie

BBC Ouch Podcast: Rationing energy – and other chronic illness life hacks


Wellcome Trust: Supporting Ourselves While Supporting Our Communities

JW3: Jew-Ish meets Brit-Ish: A Pesach Cook-Along

SHIFT.MS: PPE For The Mind


Sick Magazine: Shaped by Isolation

Wellcome Collection: How my wheelchair changed my life

Healthline: Why Do People Fall For ‘Miracle Cures?’

British Dietetic Association: What’s The Harm

About me

Hi there! Thanks for popping in.

My name's Natasha Lipman and I'm a BBC Journalist, chronic illness blogger, podcast host, and aspiring Yiddishist.

In 2019 I was named one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK by the Shaw Trust.

I'm particularly interested in exploring how people can live well with chronic illness and what that means across all areas of life.

Many years ago, I was the "entrepreneurship content guru" for Virgin Unite, founder of the IPF, an international youth writing project, and co-founder of the internationally recognised Libyan Youth Voices.

I am also a Global Changemaker, a Rhize Emerging Catalyst, and was winner of the trip to India to meet Richard Branson with the Virgin Media Pioneers.


I have been a journalist on the "Writers' Desk" at BBC News since 2007. My focus is on personal and emotional long-reads. You can view my writing portfolio here.

I joined the BBC as part of their brilliant Extend in News programme.


I started blogging many years ago as a way of dealing with worsening health issues, having become particularly ill with PoTS, Histamine Intolerance and ME, alongside an existing diagnosis of EDS.

I ventured onto Instagram when I stopped being able to eat because of my symptoms. Up to that point, I only knew it as an app to add filters before publishing a picture on Facebook, but I thought I'd use it as a food diary.

I quickly discovered a whole world I didn't know existed. Unfortunately, I got bitten by the wellness bug, and became convinced that I could cure my scary new symptoms.

Several years later, my account had grown substantially, but I realised that I had been led astray, and was doing the same to others. So, I set out to learn about (and speak about) how the wellness industry preys on desperate people.

For a while, I didn't know what I wanted to do and took a very long break from social media. When I came back, I realised that I was most passionate about talking about the issues about how to balance living with chronic illness and trying to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Writing about difficult things has always been my way of processing them, but I never expected to be where I am today (in so many aspects of my life).

Like everyone, my interests and beliefs have changed over the years. My health has too, as I have learned to properly manage my conditions in a way that would have been impossible many years ago.

Now, I try to use the position I have to work with leading experts in the field of chronic illness and pain to create content that I needed to see when I was younger.

I spent many years believing that a happy and fulfilling life with chronic illness was impossible. I have lived with health issues for as long as I can remember, and for so long it just felt like one devastating loss after another.

I passionately believe that more needs to be done to help support people beyond the purely medical, because it can be life-changing.

I hope to play a tiny part in filling that gap.


With that in mind, my podcast sets out to explore how to live well with chronic illness.

My earliest episodes were about how to start thinking about exercising and movement when living with chronic pain, and I've since spoken about language learning and reading with chronic illness.

I have a lot of exciting content planned around management, as well as interviews with people who are changing the game in the disability space.


I started learning Yiddish towards the end of January 2021, and it has been the best thing I have done in years.

I love the language so much, and have also become fascinated by effective and efficient language acquisition.

My aim is to be able to make Yiddish a significant part of my life over the next few years.


I am currently in the process of transitioning away from creating my content solely on this blog.

Instead, I will be soon be transferring to one of those new modern-style newsletters (via Ghost).

You can still view my old posts in my archive, and all my new posts will come straight to your inbox, and be saved in my Ghost archive.

My first post will be published soon. In the meantime, please subscribe to my mailing list to be front of the line to read!

Thank you, as always, for your support.